The Mrs Carter Show World Tour Starring Beyonce

I gotta tell you, this was probably top 3 Concerts I've been to ever in my life.. Beyonce Show production Value was second to none and if you know me you know that I'm a sucker for a good band.. and if its an all girl band then I Die a 1000 deaths..  the music, the fashion, the dancers, the band, the emotion... EMOTION..... like peeps were on the floor crying every time there was a mini video short that B had put together for the show and as she got ready for the next part..  I mean I went to see JAY & JUSTIN that was great but.. but, BEYONCE takes the cake and the whole factory... Also JAYZ came out and did Tom Ford and peeps lost their Cojones.. so yeah..GO SEE IT....  DONT SLEEP ON THE PICS..