This was my first time at Mur Mur since they reopened with renovations etc etc..  i always love playing there because the amount of energy the room can give out..  Also if you ask any deejay they would tell you any where theres a amazing sound system they love, and this is no different at MUR MUR..  but this trip was special because I didn't go alone as i always do for the most part.. unless my manager YONI comes with i just spend the time by myself, i just never think of AC as a place that is really that far, but it really is.. getting back to the lonely rides, this time i brought a group of homies whom were just as excited as i was to get out of the city.. It got a lil wild.. the ride was all jokes and loudness and the stay was filled with instigation and manipulative rants to get the group to gamble..  shoutouts dj kiss, Dj doug Grayson, the limo driver, Ethan, Jesse, Boy/Friend.. and you the customer!!  peep the FLIXS..